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David Moxness csc

In 1999 after shooting many commercials and short films, David was given the opportunity to shoot the television series Gene Rodenberry's EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. David had climbed yet another rung in the ladder and could now put all his years of learning to the test. 1999 also saw David gain full membership into the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. He could now put csc behind his name in the credit roll. This honour was truly a sign of acceptance by his peers to a list of elite Canadian cinematographers.

In 2000 the producers of EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT decided to shoot that season on 24p High Definition video. This would be the first episodic television series in the world to use 24p HD Technology. Never being shy to explore new technology David took on the task with increased enthusiasm. Comparing notes with the team preparing to shoot STAR WARS with George Lucas in 24p HD David learned the system inside and out. The season went off without a hitch and David was involved in yet another first.

In 2001 David won a Kodak Spectrum Award and a Gemini Nomination for Best Cinematography for his innovative work on EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT.

2002 -2003 saw David film the critically acclaimed series WITCHBLADE for Warner Bros./TNT also in High Definition. He followed that by shooting VERITAS: THE QUEST for Disney/Touchstone Productions.

2003 - 2004 David was back shooting on film the series TRU CALLING for FOX.

2004 - 2005 David completed the UPN series KEVIN HILL produced by Icon Production and Mel Gibson. Nominated for a CSC award for Cinematography 2006.

2005 David shot REUNION a series with Warner Bros./FOX in Vancouver.



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