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David Moxness csc

David was born in Jasper, Alberta and moved to British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley at the age of three.

His start in the film industry came, as he likes to say, " at age 11; no, not as a child actor promoting the latest cereal or fancy new toy, but with his father's 8mm camera". David made all kinds of home movies growing up. Many "productions" were very involved requiring scores of neighbourhood kids and "raiding" his mother's makeup cabinet to acquire the necessary materials to fake a black eye or mix a jar of "stage blood". No one will ever forget the day the dummy was thrown from the cliff and the "neighbour lady" called the authorities thinking someone had fallen! As everyone got older it became more difficult to convince friends to be actors on screen. Inspired by many animators working for The National Film Board of Canada, David turned to making animated films. With friends, David made a plastacine animation called "The Salesman". Their hard work paid off and in 1978 were awarded first place in the British Columbia Student Film Festival.

After completing high school David worked for a year to decide what road to take next. He moved to St.Catharines Ontario and attended Brock University where he studied theatre and film. During the summer between his first and second university years he obtained work as a local production assistant for Atlantis productions, now famed Alliance Atlantis Communications. David enthusiastically jumped into the local film industry. He was soon hired full time as a production assistant at Schultz productions, a top ranking very busy commercial house. David worked for 18 months on many television commercials: McDonalds, Gm, Ford, Molson, Labatt's to name a few. With the advent of music videos, David had the opportunity to explore this new craze extensively. Working with bands of the day: GLASS TIGER, PARACHUTE CLUB, COREY HART, HONEYMOON SUITE, LUBA, and many others, David was able to hone his skills in the camera, grip and lighting departments.


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